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Michelle & Chandler – Disney Photo Shoot


I can’t tell y’all how much fun I had on this Disney Photo Shoot with Michelle & Chandler. When I fly down to Orlando for a Disney Photo Shoot, I like to maximize my time down there and do 2 shoots. So from this post you will see photos from the day before we went to the Magic Kingdom where we shot at the Disney Boardwalk. I love when I get get multiple locations and looks out of a shoot. We took the evening before the Magic Kingdom to get to know each other, build a rapport and have fun shooting around the lake and Disney resorts.

The day of our Disney Photo Shoot at the Magic Kingdom, we started right at the rope drop. When the park isn’t as crowded, you can get off a lot of clean shots with limited people to filter out. We shot all day at the Magic Kingdom and took 1 mid day break for lunch and I let the couple go enjoy the park some for themselves. We then met up again for the golden hour portion of the shoot. I think it’s important to break the day up like that. In that break period, my couple got some fun save the date Mickey hats that we used later in the shoot.

If you’re planning a Disney Photo Shoot, I would recommend trying to split the shots up between multiple parks, or locations as we did here. You can see more of my Disney shoots in my blog posts. If you would like me to shoot your Disney Photo Shoot, reach out to me via my contact page. Make sure you pick a hotel close to the park when booking a shoot like this so you’re not wasting time traveling. I always love booking at Disneys resorts. Remember due to Covid there are still a lot of restrictions when it comes to shooting at Disney, make sure you get your park tickets well in advance.

For this Disney Photo Shoot, I used all Sony and Sigma photography gear. The pictures were shot on a Sony A7R3 and a Sony A9. The lenses I used most were the Sony 50mm G Master Lens and the Sigma 85 1.4 DGDN lens. I always try and shoot wide open to get more background blur and bokeh. Hit me up if you’re ready to do your Disney engagement shoot in the Magic Kingdom.


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