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I'm a self proclaimed Hallmark movie junkie who is obsessed with being around love.  There's no better feeling in the world than being surrounded by the butterflies of two people madly in love.  The feelings I get watching everything unfold on a wedding day is a high second to none.  I will probably be the only one who cries more than you at your wedding. Please allow me to tell your story!

Your wedding story will be the start to the biggest journey of your lives and I want to tell it.  But the problem is, I'm a greedy story teller, I want to be there for all of it.  I want to be there for the breakfast with the girls, I want to be there for the tears, and I want to be there when he grabs your butt at inappropriate times during the reception.  Why settle?  You deserve it all!

i believe that the best love stories are told by someone obsessed with love


To love is to burn and to be on fire.

I believe that there is no one better to tell the story of your wedding day.  You should have the time of your life on this day without a care in the world, knowing that your story will be captured perfectly.  That is my mission. 


I take a journalistic approach to weddings, while also leaving room for epic curated images.

Photography for the ones who want it

documenting love stories

I'm always up to something and I'd love for y'all to be along for the ride. subscribe and get my wedding magazine that contains my pricing!.

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