For as long as I can remember, I've always been addicted to love.  Even as a kid, my favorite movies to watch were romance and romantic comedies.  Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan were larger than life to me as I had "Sleepless in Seattle" and "You've got mail" playing on repeat.  Whether you're in love with someone or you're just watching others in love, it does something to you. The happiness I get from being around a couple in love is unlike any other feeling I've ever experienced in my life. Being a photographer that captures the emotions of love is truly my calling, and I plan on capturing special moments of love for the rest of my life, God willing. See how my photography journey all started below.


my favorites

I haven't always had a camera in my hands, in fact, up until a few years ago, I never did!  As an ARMY brat I spent 16 of my first 18 years of life living in some of the most beautiful scenic environments in the world, and not ONCE did I think to pick up a camera! In fact I went through most of my life not taking pictures. It wasn't until December 10th, 2010 when my princess Ella Ryan Stockton was born that I had the urge to pick up a camera. As soon as your have your first baby, its a blur and you don't want to miss a thing. You want to capture every moment of their lives as they happen. You realize instantly that life passes us all by at an alarming rate, so why not capture every special moments.

It didn't take long to get addicted to shooting images of the ones you love.  I became obsessed and had to learn everything. I spent countless hours reading, taking online courses and in person classes to learn everything I could.  I must've had thousands of shoots with Ella and her brother Matt when he arrived.  I then started shooting what I love most, couples, when one of my wife's best friends became engaged.  From that moment I've never looked back.  Theres nothing more special in this world than love, and I'm so lucky in having the job to capture love and all the amazing moments involved in love from today to forever.


about Scott

my favorites

• Beautiful cakes and dessert tables
• All white rooms with pops of color
• Intimate Bride and Groom moments
• Church architecture with columns
• Stylish bar carts and champagne
• Colorful blooms and beautiful tablescapes
• Golden hour portraits
• Candles. Everywhere. 
• Typographic prints and handwritten fonts




My philosophy is to keep everything as natural as possible.  I use poses in tiny amounts, opting for fun games, and prompts to keep the reactions of the couples natural and genuine that best reflects their personalities in their  pictures.

MY philosophy

the experience

Shoots with me are unlike any others you will experience. We are going to have a blast! I tell people it feels like best friends hanging out, while also taking amazing pictures that they'll cherish forever. We'll laugh, dance, and have fun, while also having serious intimate moments as well.

the experience

our philosophy

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