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Lake Norman Proposal


This was such a special Lake Norman Proposal with family members from a brides wedding I shot before. A former bride reached out to me and told that her brother and his girlfriend. They are both from Arizona and were flying in for the weekend to see family and he thought he would pop the question then. So his sister reached out to me and we got the shoot setup. This proposal took place on the lake at Lake Norman North Carolina.

Her parent flew in as well but she had no idea. They thought they were just coming by to take family photos. While his family was getting ready, I said to them, hey let me take a few of the both of you while we’re waiting. I had them face away from the house and as I began shooting her family starting coming out. This is such a special Lake Norman proposal as both families were able to enjoy in the moment.

This Lake Norman proposal wouldn’t be complete without someone dropping to a knee. After her family had fully gotten outside, without her knowing, he went ahead and dropped to his knee. She was so stunned. Of course she said yes. After she did she turned to the side to see her family all there and it got very emotional. I then took some family photos, and also took a few of the newly engaged couple with the beautiful Lake Norman North Carolina scenery as the backdrop.

To capture this proposal I used two cameras on a Holdfast Camera Strap. One camera was the Sony A7Riii with the Sony 24mm Gmaster to get wide shots, the other was the Sony a9 with the 50 1.2 GMaster lens to get tighter shots. If you enjoyed this Proposal you can check out my other blog posts to see more shoots like this one. If you would like to shoot in the beautiful setting of Lake Norman North Carolina you can reach me here to setup a shoot. If you would like to watch the bts from this shoot, check out my Youtube page here.

Guy and girl on lake norman
Portrait of boyfriend and girlfriend
lake norman proposal
excited couple
lake norman proposal
girl hugging her grand dad
Girl showing off her engagement ring


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