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Catawba Baseball Engagement Shoot


I couldn’t have been more excited to shoot this Catawba Baseball engagement. Any time I can incorporate a couples passion and the things they love into the shoot, the better! In this case Hannah loves baseball and Dylan played for the Catawba Baseball team. Thats where they met, in love with baseball and in love with each other. The majority of this gallery is at the baseball stadium, but at the end you’ll notice we changed outfits and got some nature shots for variety.

For this shoot I utilized all the surrounding of the stadium as you will see in the pics. I shot in the outfield, the infield, the dugout, as well as the stands. We even incorporated his baseball jersey and hat on the shoot to tie in as many things as we could to his career that the college. It was important for me to do this to show all the elements of baseball since it meant so much to them. If I didn’t do my job to incorporate all these things it wouldn’t have been much of a Catawba Baseball Engagement shoot.

I used my Nikon Z6’s for this shoot and spent most of my time with the Nikon 105 1.4 lens. I love this focal distance as it pulls in the background a good bit and at 1.4 gives me a super shallow depth of field. The 1.4 aperture and the 105mm telephoto range make the best bokeh. I also used my Sigma 20mm 1.4 to capture any and all wide shots from the shoot. In some shots where you see them lit up, its because I used my flashes with the MAGMOD Box. Thats typically how I approach all of my shoots, I have two cameras, 1 with a wide angle and the other with a telephoto lens to help me capture it all. That combination was perfect for this Catawba Baseball engagement shoot.

For the nature shots I actually met them off the Blue Ridge Parkway one day and we had some fun. Theres a wide array of shots from that day, ranging from flash shots to natural light. You’ll notice I love to shoot through nature like leaves and branches. That gives the images a lot of depth and a real 3D feel. So even thought this was a Catawba Baseball engagement shoot, I also wanted some nature for variety.

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