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I wouldn't be able to travel the world and do these things without my team, my two sweetie pies Ella and Matt, and my dog Daisy.  The support and love they constantly give me is what allows me to do what I do. As far as 2nd shooters and associate shooters go for my weddings, I'm friends with a ton of amazing photographers all over the world, that I hire on special occasions.  

Whats cracking fam!? I am a wedding photographer out of Charlotte North Carolina that will travel the world to tell your story.  I will do anything and everything to ensure that I take the best images for you.  That includes getting in streams, lakes, trees, fields, busy streets, carriage rides, trains and more, all to get the best shot for you, all of which I have done before.

It Takes a team

My philosophy is really quite simple, have fun! there's been too many times that i've witnessed couples on their wedding days tense and stressed.

that should not be the case!  It's the happiest day of your lives, it should be filled with joy, anticipation, and love. who said that your special day should be like this!?

when i show up to my weddings, i bring with me a positive and happy vibe that is infectious and rubs off on everyone. Its your wedding day, lets have the time of our lives!


my little ball of emotions
my future assistant
the photographer 

I spent the first half of my life living in some of the most romantic cities in Europe as an ARMY brat. During the days we would tour anywhere and everywhere and at night I would watch romantic comedies.  I became obsessed with them.  The feelings I would get when the guy and girl professed their love for each other was euphoric.  I've always been a sucker for love and would chase that feeling any chance I could.  After my wife and I had kids we bought a camera to document the growth our babes.  It wasn't until some friends of ours asked me to shoot their engagement that I knew what I wanted to do for the rest of my life, shoot people in love and tell their stories.

photographer by day. Hallmarky by night.

i'm scott.

all boy


These little dangers are my whole world!  Every day they teach me so much.  I love hearing them express what they want to be when they grow up.  They're still so young and naive, not yet shaped by the world around them and everyone else's expectations.  My kids are wild, sweet, loving, and so adventurous.  Everyday they wake up full of life and excited to do the things they love the most.  Seeing this from them inspires me to continue chasing my dreams.  I hope seeing their dad go after his passion inspires them to do the same when they get older.  Along with Ashley, their love and belief in me means everything and allows me to be happy and free to go around the globe documenting love.

my little princess


I'm always up to something and I'd love for y'all to be along for the ride. subscribe and get my wedding magazine that contains my pricing!.

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