May 16, 2019

Barry & Sarah

Ashley and I had such a pleasure shooting Barry & Sarah’s wedding.  The venue was downtown historic Wilmington, and any time we get a chance to shoot there, magic happens.  The Venue itself was soooooo gorgeous!  The old red brick and cobble stone floors at The Atrium, along with lots of open air space, make this one of the most unique and fun places to shoot a wedding.  Along with The Atrium, we shot a lot at City Club where the Bride and Bridesmaids stayed which had a bunch of cool features and architecture which really showed in the detail shots.  The day started out gorgeous and ended gorgeous.  We did have some storms and dark clouds throughout the day but the Bride and Groom stayed fabulous and we rocked the day out.  Sarah is such a classic southern bride, as evidenced by her many Sundrop breaks!  Below are some of the many shots we got on their special day, hope you enjoy!





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