January 3, 2019

Engagement – Jessica & David

Jessica and David are amazing people, let me tell you my story with them!  So, how we met….David reached out to me asking if I would capture the proposal he had planned for their trip to Disney World.  Obviously I said yes!  I am obsessed with all things Disney!  My whole family is!  Any chance we can get to swing down to Disney we take it!  Especially when it involves love, hayyyyyyyyy!  The day of, David and I communicated and made plans the same way all serious plans are made, via text messages from the mens room!  They had a lunch scheduled at the Be Our Guest Restaurant, and after that, the plan was to make our way to main street where the magic would happen.  Everything was going to plan.  He was in position, I was in position, and seconds before he was going to drop to a knee, the damn main street parade started!  It didn’t thwart the magic though, we waited it out, and as soon as it passed, we both got in position, and he got down on a knee and popped the question.  Obviously she said yes, I mean cmon, Davids a catch!  If she didnt say yes, I was going to!  This was truly one of the most special moments I’ve ever been a part of in my entire life.  The second he dropped to a knee, you could hear hundreds of people whispering, “oh my god, look.”  And after she said yes and they hugged, everyone started clapping and cheering, I had Goose bumps, what a moment.

After the proposal, we spent the rest of the day at Magic Kingdom having fun and taking pictures.  I loved capturing this day in the park and I cant wait for another opportunity to get down there and shoot again.  Once back in Charlotte, we planned out the engagement shoot.  We shot downtown Charlotte, as well as Anne Springs Greenway.  I took a handful of images from both of these shoots and added them below.  I hope you enjoy!



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