December 6, 2017

Love & Morning Glory

Ashley and I are such huge fans of the “Community over competition” movement.  In an environment that can be super competitive and cut throat, we chose to be the opposite.  We choose to help anyone that needs it, answer any and all questions that come our way, and lift up fellow photographers in our community.  We are so happy that many of our friends in photography are the same way which leads me to the stars of this post, Andrew and JesseRuth.  Our good friend and photographer Ellen Scisciani(Tanglebriar Photography) is undergoing a move at the moment and forwarded this beautiful couple our way.   We shot their engagement shoot and will be shooting their wedding in 2018 at the Morning Glory Farm in Monroe.  When you’re photographers that work with each other, not only do you get the benefit of their friendships, but you can also pass clients on to them when you’re in need or already booked.  Such a blessing.  I met JesseRuth and Andrew at the Morning Glory Farm the day of their engagement shoot.  They are such awesome people!  I’m looking forward to hanging out with them over some craft beers soon.  JesseRuth is a lover of horses and has a wonderful fashion sense, Andrew is a funny, handsome down to earth dude, they were made for each other.  The Morning Glory Farm was so beautiful by the way!  Such breathe taking scenery and country vibes.  Would love to have all our shoots there!  Please enjoy these pics from our engagement shoot and be on the look out for their wedding next year! 🙂

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