November 29, 2017

Taylor + Taylor

Taylor’s (girl) mom, Lisa,  reached out to us and asked if we would be willing to capture this very special proposal for her daughter and soon to be son-in-law.  We immediately said yes!!  Lisa is also a photographer, so we were also honored that she picked us for this special task.  Between the phone calls and texts exchanged with Lisa, we knew this day was perfectly planned out and we were so excited to be a part of it. 


Let me set the scene for you…it was Taylor’s birthday.  Taylor’s mom and dad were supposed to be out of town for Thanksgiving, Taylor’s best friend was supposed to come celebrate her birthday with her, but had to “cancel.”  She told Taylor she had to replace the tires on her car.  But, boy Taylor was going to make this a great birthday for her.  He planned a day date and then planned to meet up with some friends and family later to celebrate her birthday.  He gave her a beautiful turquoise ring…to serve as a “placeholder.”  Then they were off for their date!


Now, what was really happening…Taylor’s mom and dad were really still in town, and her best friend was on her way to help pull off this super sweet proposal.  We met at Taylor and Taylor’s house, where this all went down.  We met all the family, and they were awesome!!  Even Grandma was in on it and she didn’t spill the beans!!  Both moms were there and helped set everything up like Taylor had planned.  Pictures of the two of them were hung between two trees in their backyard.  A candle lit pathway led to a rug and a beautiful set up with some of Taylor’s favorite things…eucalyptus, cactuses, rose petals, and a macrame back drop.  


Everything was planned to a T.  Their house was filled with friends and family and we were all anxiously awaiting their arrival.  They got the call that they were almost home…and everyone hid inside and got very quiet.  Taylor led Taylor to the backyard, guitar softly playing…and then she saw it….and she just knew.  Taylor led her down the candle lit pathway and brought her to “the spot.”  He got down on one knee and presented her with the most beautiful ring…and she said “YES!!”  They danced to a special song that Taylor’s friend sang to them, and then the family cheered and all came outside.  The moms embraced their children and welcomed each other to the family.  It was really such a touching moment.  


The whole day was so well executed…it was so sweet to see how much effort Taylor put into this special day.  The love between them was electric and the smiles on their faces just gave away how much they love each other.  We left with that warm and fuzzy feeling and they partied the night away with their friends and family.  


We loved every minute of being part of their special day.  Surprise proposals are definitely something we would love to do more of…so fellas…If you’re planning on popping the question, reach out to us…we would love to capture your special moment!!!

Hope you enjoy some of our pics from that day, below! 🙂

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