May 20, 2017

I’m gonna end up having to buy a horse!

Howdy gang, its been a while but I wanted to tell you about a fun shoot I did the other day at a horse stable, shooting pics of my friends daughter Rainee with her sweet horse Simon.  We shot at Golden Hour which was great, not a cloud in the sky.  We got the golds, the pinks, all of the colors you want most for a portrait shoot.  The whole shoot took place in Indian Trail, NC, at the Big Oak Stables.  This is where my friend Molly and her daughter Rainee board their horse.  This was such a great experience because we got the freedom to roam about the pastures and barns and setup any pictures we wanted.  The shoot went perfect to plan.  Rainee was so photogenic which made everything easy on me, the horse wasn’t so bad either lol.  She wanted some pictures of her posing with her horse,  some shots of her riding Simon, and some pics of her wearing her new glasses that she could share with some friends that moved away.  Check out the thumbnails below to see a few pics from the shoot. 

The shoot was a blast, as all of ours are, but something I forgot to mention was I brought my kids with me.  My daughter Ella, has always been madly in love with horses, so watching her get to ride and pet Simon was a lot of fun.  Rainee was so good with the kids as well!  She’s so experienced with being around horses, she took both of my kids for horse rides, including one through an obstacle course.  This really made their day.  While I was there it dawned on me that I should be letting my daughter experience being around horses more often.  Horses are what she’s most passionate about in life.  We’re always trying to put her in camps around soccer, dance, gymnastics, etc, instead of putting her around horses, the thing she loves the most.  And why….?  Some of it was the fear of the cost it takes to own and board a horse, but in talking with my friends, its really not that bad.  I never want to be that parent that keeps my kids away from the things they love the most, just because it might not be convenient to me.  I could be keeping them from their destiny or a life filled with the joy of doing what they want to be doing most.  I want to enable them to do the things they love the most and were meant to be doing.  That being said, we’re going to put Ella through classes at Big Oak Stables, and if her love continues to grow over the next year or 2, we will buy her a horse.  Moral of the story, if your little ones are passionate about something, providing its not something hurtful(my son wants to be a ninja), push them towards it.  It may just be what shapes their lives down the road.

The last thing I want to leave you with is a funny moment that happened during the shoot.  My friend Molly wanted to get in on a shot with Rainee and the horse, and while I was taking the picture, the horse stepped on Mollys foot!  I caught the reaction!  Keep in mind it wasn’t very focused or sharp, but the expression on her face is priceless!

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