November 2, 2016

Halloween 2016

The force was with us this past Monday for Halloween!  This year we tried to get the entire family dressed in Star Wars costumes.  Unfortunately Yoda got sick which prevented him, Jabba the Hut, and Princess Leia from making it.  Still had a good turnout though.  In attendance we had Granny Vader, Pops Wan Kenobi, the dogs were R2D2 and BB8, I was Chewy, Ash was a storm trooper, and of course the kids were setup for a clash as Rey and Kylo.  We had a blast!

I’m not normally one for dressing up for Halloween, but the kids love when we do, so how could we not.  My favorite moments from these past few Halloweens always comes after we’ve gone around and grabbed all the candy we could get.  I love relaxing by the fire pit with the kids, eating pizza, and watching our kids hand candy out for the remainder of the evening.  My daughter loves it, it makes her feel in charge of something so important.  That’s it for this post, see some more pics below of the kids in their costumes!


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