October 31, 2016

Coco and the Director

Alrighty fam, let me tell you about a joint you have to hit up if you live in the Charlotte and surroundings area.  All over social media the past few weeks I’ve been seeing people post about a cafe in the heart of the Queen City called, Coco and the Director.  They’ve been raving about the coffee beverages, the food, the live music, EVERYTHING.  So this past week on my lunch break I had to go see it all for myself.  The second I walked in, I was completely blown away by how open the environment and seating was.

They have stadium seating and sofa cushions with individualized outlets if you’re packing heat(laptop).  They also have a balcony with seats and tables that overlook the main entrance area and a huge projector screen that is always playing something entertaining.  If you walk into Coco and the Director after hours, you can kick your feet up and be entrained by live music.  The vibe in this place is unlike any other coffee shop I’ve ever been in.  This is saying a lot, as I’m a military brat thats lived all over Europe.  But how can I keep carrying on about this place without mentioning the consumable goods.  The coffee was top notch.  But honestly, I’m not even a coffee person.  I’m an idiot who loves the unhealthiest of unhealthy, energy drinks.  So I’m never one who pretends to be a coffee aficionado.  Food on the other hand, I’m very much in tune with, and Coco’s sandwich of the day hit multiple spots in my body!

When I saw the executive chef slicing up this pork chop goodness that had been covered in pork belly, which was then served in a sandwich with pickles and seasoned aioli, I had to jump in.  This sandwich was off the walls good!  It was greasy, it had flavorful fat dripping off the sides of the bread, and the pickles were sharp with some good snapping sounds on every bite.  This sandwich was a 10/10.  In fact, all of the food was great there, I finished off my meal with the pecan pie kronut, which not only made me want to slap my mamma, but also every other child bearing woman within the vicinity, that wasn’t the executive chef!  This was such a cool spot to hang out at.  But outside of the food and coffee, the thing I loved most about this joint, was the vibe.

This place was so chill!  The people working there were amazing.  The friendliest bunch of folks who seemed to genuinely care about finding out exactly what you were craving, to satisfy that coffee/food loving need.  The thing that grabbed me the most was the layout, decor, and seating.  I love how relaxed this place was.  I love the stadium seating and the fact that I could park my butt down on a sofa cushion, watch Back to the Future, then catch some live music while drinking a Latte, all while I’m working on my blog and website for hours.  Thats what sold this place to me.  It wasn’t the coffees, it wasn’t the crazy good delicious food they had, it was the unique chilled out environment I experienced………..the food and coffee helped though!  If you’re from the Charlotte area, or just passing through, you HAVE to swing by Coco and the Director!  You won’t be disappointed! 



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