October 30, 2016

About our Blog!

Yay, thank you for checking out our website, and our blog!  While this is the 1st of many, this isn’t a true blog post.  This post here is to give you and idea on what our blog post will be, and what it won’t be.  We are NOT professional writers and will never claim to be.  These posts aren’t going to try and parade around as if they’re magazine or internet articles.  Our post will be about our life, our travels, and the things we experience on the job and with our beautiful family.  We will be posting on an array of topics ranging from Disney World vacations, new breweries and restaurants we love, and behind the scenes footage and images on some of our shoots.  We plan to write these posts with the same character, slang, and humor that you would get if you were standing next to us, hearing the stories verbally.  Hopefully we can show you some cool places on our vacations and our everyday travels around the Carolinas that will inspire you to get out and visit them as well.  We hope you enjoy!


-The Stocktons 🙂

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